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Christmas Gift Ideas for the violin, viola, or cello player in your life!

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

The holidays are almost here and you may be looking for some stocking stuffers for the violinist in your life! Here are some gift ideas for violinists!

Gifts for violinists/violists/cellists under $20

  1. Magic Rosin- Did you know that without rosin, the violin wouldn’t make any sound at all?! This sticky stuff is important! This sparkly fun rosin is also sure to sound great! It’s developed by a Juliard trained violinist. Get the full selection here.

2. A clip-on violin tuner will make it so that the violinist can tune their instrument in noisy environments. These cool tuners clip on the the violin and pick up vibrations directly from the instrument. 

3. There are tons of gifts at the practice shoppe that help to make practicing more fun! Bead counters, review dice, the list goes on and on… 

4. These super cute violin socks! 

5. This violin Ninja T-shirt! 

Gifts for violinists/violists/cellists $20-$50

1. A music stand is a must for musicians! It’s so important to be able to have a place to put your music. Having a music stand set up with music sitting out on it makes it easier to want to practice! Any music stand will to, but these are colorful and fun

2. A rockstop is a must-have for cellists that practice  or perform in rooms without carpet! Rockstops keep the cello from slipping on the floor. SmartStops are not only sparkly, but are also highly effective and designed by a professional cellist. 

3. A violin stand is so nice to have around. Having the violin out of the case, in a violin stand will make it easier to want to practice. As silly as it sounds, just having to open the case is a huge mental barrier to practice. These folding portable stands can be placed on a table or the floor. I also have wall-mounted stands in my music room at home. They’re great space savers- and violins double as beautiful wall art!

4. This “I love to practice kit” is for violin students in Suzuki book 1. It includes table games for students to play with their parents during practice time. 

5. This old-time fiddle book is so great. It’s for students who have made it through one book of instruction already. The tunes in this start at an approachable level, and can challenge even professionals. It’s also accurate, and put together by a veteran fiddle teacher. I can’t recommend it enough!

6. These books of supplemental songs are all be female composers! If your child is in Suzuki book 1, order volume 1. If they are in book 2-3, order volume 2. If they are in book 4-5 , order volume 3. If they are in book 6 and up, oder volume 4. 

7. a Pickup! A pickup allows an acoustic instrument to become electric! Then you can put fun effects on the violin and make it sound like an electric guitar! This is a great entry level pickup that is completely removable, and doesn’t need to be installed in the bridge. 

8. New strings. D’addario Helicore is a great, universal set of strings. Did you know that you should change your strings about once every 6-12 months? If you have never changed your strings, you’ll be amazed by how bright your violin sounds with new ones! 

Gifts $50 and up

1. A looper! A loop pedal is a pedal than enables musical phrases to be played over and over again. This allows the user to layer music, creating the sound of a string quartet, or band all by themselves! This pedal is very easy to use, so it’s a great first looper. (Please note, you’ll need a pickup or microphone as well. I recommend this removable pickup. 

2. a cool new case! I like this shaped case since it fits really well in the an airline carry-on and is reasonably priced. They come in fun colors too! Any case you get from Shar will be high quality.