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String Instrument Care: How to Keep your Instrument Happy

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

With school starting up again soon, the last thing we want is a sudden problem with our instruments! Thankfully, by taking great care of our instruments we can prevent malfunction.

Some daily habits can keep our instrument in top shape. We can loosen our bows after each practice session and wipe off our rosin with a cloth or rag. Our cleaning rags don’t have to be expensive- old PJs or T-shirts work just fine! These habits take only a few seconds a day, but can save money on bow repairs or string changes.

Our instruments are sensitive to weather conditions. String instruments should not be left in any place where they might get too hot or cold, too humid or too dry. This includes places like a car, next to an AC, or by a door. If our instruments are left in unideal conditions, they can crack or have open seams, both of which are costly repairs! If you notice your instrument is cold or hot to the touch when you take it out, watch where you leave it.

When carrying our instruments we should make sure to always handle it as carefully as possible, even if it’s in a case. Our instruments are very fragile and a small bump could cause pieces of wood to break off or crack, even with a case! Cases help keep our instruments safe, but sometime the instrument can move around causing scratches or chipped pieces of wood. String players will often use a bag or cloth to cover their instruments to prevent this.

Even with the utmost care, accidents can happen or things won’t sound right. In these cases, ask your teacher or bring it into a luthier. The music stores listed on our FAQ Page have great luthiers who can repair instruments whenever their is a problem. Both have experiences with instrument malfunctions can help your instrument get back to normal!