My son, Andrew was 7.5 year old when he started learning how to play the violin with Karen. We can neither force 7.5 year old boy to do something nor expect him to do something all by himself. In this regard, we were very much impressed by Karen’s “encouragement-based” teaching style as well as her patience! Karen is definitely not an easy-going instructor at all – She always sets the learning goals far beyond what Andrew can easily achieve. However, Karen keeps pulling him from the front, pushing him from the back, and sometimes walking with Andrew side-by-side. Thanks to her restless efforts, Andrew was able to join Concert Strings in Front Range Youth Symphony Orchestra after one-year of lessons, and then became the concertmaster of his orchestra in the following year. Karen is not teaching Andrew how to simply convert the written music notes to the violin sounds. She is rather helping Andrew generate the “music” out of the black dots and sticks drawn on white papers! Andrew has a dream (with the violin) that is to become the fastest violin player of “Flight of The Bumblebee”. Andrew and Karen are working together every week to make Andrew’s dream come true someday!