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Switch It up! Fun Ideas for Successful Summer Practice

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Have trouble practicing during the summer? Looking for new, fun ways to practice? Need a change in your practice routine? Below are 10 ideas to keep you or child motivated during the summer!

  1. Join the global #100daysofpractice challenge created by violin virtuoso Hilary Hahn
  2. Have a sightreading party or jam session
  3. Do lesson assignments in a random order
  4. Practice in a new place like the kitchen, living room, or even outside
  5. Practice each lesson assignment for ONLY 5 minutes
  6. Find a practice buddy and coordinate practice times
  7. Perform a stuffed animal concert
  8. Break longer pieces into smaller chunks. Alternate which chunk you do each day.
  9. Make a goal to perform somewhere- at family gatherings, church, or recitals (like our Silver Strings Summer Recital)
  10. And finally remember to enjoy the summer, spend time with family, and get plenty of sleep!
A great example of how to break up longer pieces by one of our violin students!